About this website

Our webhosters datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany.

Found a bug, or mistake?

We're really sorry for the inconvenience caused, please report it to [email protected]. Please include a link to the spelling mistake, or buggy website a general description and the time you found it. We'll do our best to solve the reported problem as soon as possible!

Where are our servers located?

The main website is hosted on a Webserver in Frankfurt, Germany. Just in case it's constantly backed up to another server in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Why not in Indonesia?

Because of Indonesias bad internet infrastructur webhosting and internet access in Indonesia is very expensive and slow. Europe is perfect because of it's location to Russia, US, Asia and Australia. We choose Germany because of its good, fast and inexpensive Webhosting.

Who is this Website made by?

This Website is made for Atlichnaya Bar and Spa by Tobias Harke. If you want to hire me for your project, fell free to contact me via mail [email protected] or phone 004915788154474.